Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects are you unwilling to do?

No project too large, no project too small

Can I buy solar from Ovanova?

How soon can I have my system installed?

This varies from location to location.  

Between 3 weeks to 6 months depending on where you live, the requirements of your local jurisdiction, and the utility company. The installation itself takes 1 to 4 days depending on the size of your system.

Ovanova understands you want your solar activated as soon as possible and we do everything in our power to make that happen.

How much will it cost to make my electricity from sunlight?

Every home and property is different, and this is one of the reasons we started our program – to make it easy and transparent. We create a free, custom solar design for you and walk through it together.

Variables that can affect cost:

  1. How much electricity do you use?
  2. Which directions does your home face?
  3. Where do you live?
  4. What type of equipment would you like to use?
  5. What kind of roof do you have?

What types of equipment do you offer?

Ovanova works with all equipment manufacturers so you can get what you want.

What is "Open Book Pricing"?

“Radically Transparent Pricing” was too many syllables, so we decided to call it “Open Book” instead.

When you explore transitioning to solar with us, we’ll create a free, custom design for you.

Then we’ll not only show you the price, we’ll also show you where every dime goes–including how much we earn.