What Does Exploring Solar With Ovanova Look Like?

Unscripted:  How was your Ovanova Clean Energy Journey?


"Ovanova provided a solar and battery solution that is more reliable than the power company....... The overall process with Ovanova was fantastic. The education about solar was enjoyable, it was transparent, and I really appreciated the fundraiser approach where I could donate money to a charity of my choice."


"There's nothing more exciting than seeing the meter run backward during the day, I can tell you that! Thanks to the team at Ovanova - and the one thing I wish I would have done is gone ahead and gotten the battery backup.....again, thanks to the team at Ovanova."


"Ovanova outshined all the other companies we talked to....Thank you Ovanova for making the transition super easy and always being there for any questions or support that we need!"


"I've got to say the whole deal is really great. These guys at Ovanova really knew what they were doing, it was an expert installation... I was just very pleased with the result."


"I liked the fact that Ovanova had their Openbook Pricing - so you could see what your money was going towards AND that they give you money back if it is under."


"Really cool and easy way to learn about clean energy options and at the end of the day, help a local organization I care about."


John Carey

John's passion is building a world that makes sense for everyone.

He'd prefer to do it together with you when you're willing to lend a hand.

Chris Snodgrass

Chris is a student of life cramming as if finals were tomorrow. When he's not applying human centered design solutions to our energy crisis, he likes to practice yoga, read, cook, and build heat noise boxes.

"Throw the dice high."

- Julius Caesar

Lester Crafton

Lester is a connector, creator and guide who has contributed to the development of leaders for a generation.

"We didn't make it this far to only make it this far."

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