Hello Renter Friends

At this time, we don’t have an option for renters to raise funds for an organization by exploring solar energy.  

However, you can support the organization who invited you to use our service by sharing the link you received to invite your landlord, friends, or family who do own property and homes to explore the benefits of transitioning solar. 

We hold an online webinar each Monday night at 8:30 pm EST where we discuss the benefits of solar energy, give folks a way to support our mission, and collaborate with the attendees on ways we can add more value to the communities we serve. Click that link, save it in your bookmarks, set a calendar reminder, and we’ll see you there!

If your primary motivation for making it this far was your desire to have an environmental impact, we have three services we recommend checking out.

1. Generation Now. Generation Now is accelerating a cultural shift to stop the climate crisis. The first project of this membership-driven community is to plant one trillion trees.  

2. CHOOOSE. Join the nearly 100,000, and growing, individuals who use CHOOOSE’s award-winning monthly membership service which allows members to completely offset their personal carbon pollution by supporting the development of sustainable development projects worldwide. 

3. Arcadia Power. You may not have the legal right to install solar on your apartment or rental home, but you can still use clean energy by using Arcadia’s service.

All of these services have one thing in common: giving individuals a way to take a small action which in aggregate makes a massive difference.  

One Hundred Percent of what Ovanova earns from your choosing to become a member of any of these services will be used to create more donations to organizations when their home-owning supporters use our service to explore solar.