Terms of Service for Home, Building, and Property Owners

Our mission is to add as much value as possible to as many lives as possible.

We are committed to catalyzing the human family’s transition from a world fueled by fire into a society connected by light.

The $50 gift is given when you have your solar exploration phone call with an assistant from the Ovanova Supporter Understanding Network (OSUN).  

There is nothing required beyond a conversation, which will take place online or on the phone. The length of the conversation is up to you.

The gift will be given as soon as possible–often as soon as you confirm you are the property owner on the call; however, any delay may be due to current technological limitations, banking restrictions or human error. We are always seeking simple solutions to pay faster with fewer fees. We will correct any human error as soon as we become aware of it.

There are only two current limits on participation:

  1. The supporter must own a home, building or property.
  2. One donation per year per address.

For supporters who rent, we are currently attracting partnerships  that will allow you to participate in other ways.  We will roll them out as soon as we can.

OSUN will create a free, custom Solar Transition Guide for your home, building, or property if you would like one after the conversation. If you choose to transition, OSUN will assist you in finding the best option based on your needs and preferences at the lowest cost we can find.

Your information will be viewable by up to four parties other than you:

  1. Ovanova
  2. OSUN
  3. The leaders of the organization you support, so they track campaign progress, thank you, and give you recognition for participating if they choose
  4. If, and only if,  you choose to transition to renewable energy after receiving a free quote, local installers and government officials for permitting 

If you choose to transition, OSUN will assist you in finding the best option based on your needs and preferences for the lowest cost we can find.

We may be in touch with you in the future when we find awesome new ways for people to support the mission. Whether this is letting you know about organizations we consider mission partners, checking back in to make sure your equipment is producing as promised, or if it’s OSUN inviting you to a concert at an eco-village near you, it’ll be communication you’ll enjoy, not spam.

If you think there’s anything we can do to add more value to the lives of more people, please let us know.

With Love and Sunshine,

Ovanova and the OSUN Team

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