Terms of Service for Home, Building, and Property Owners

1. Your information is protected using secure site encryption. We don’t sell your information; we use it to help you explore solar and transition if you choose.

2. We ask for your phone number and email so that we can be in touch at the time you requested and to send you relevant information regarding your solar exploration and transition process. 

3. We ask for your address so that we can verify property ownership and do a preliminary analysis of your property’s solar suitability before your exploration call in order to respect your time.  

4. Our entire process is on the phone and online. We will never ask to send a salesperson to your home. 

5. There is no purchase required to raise funds for an organization, but the person on the call must own a single family dwelling at the address listed on the submission form.

6. The donation is one per address per year.

7. Upon request, at no charge to you, we will create a personal solar design and analysis for your property and review it with you after your solar exploration call. 

8. We can create designs and give additional donations for multiple properties after we we have reviewed your design with you for your initial property. 

9. You may opt out of the process at any time.

10. By submitting your information and scheduling a call, you agree to exempt us from any do not call list for the duration of your solar exploration and transition process.

11.  You understand your call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.

12. Locations where solar is already installed won’t qualify for the $50 donation. If you’re calling about an additional property you own, please input the address for the property where you’d like to explore solar.

13. We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you and will treat you like we’d treat our mom (and we like our moms). 

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