Solar Can be confusing
we provide a guide for your journey


What Homeowners Love About Our Service

  • We provide a true solar education so you can make the best choices for you
    • We help you understand your agreements with your local electricity company and how that may affect your design choices.
    • We work with all solar manufacturers so you can use the equipment you want and install it where you want to install it.
  •  We work with you to create a custom solar solution to fit your needs
    • We provide transparent pricing – so you can see how your choices affect your pricing.
    • We show you what the equipment costs, what the contractors earn, and even what we earn based on the choices you make.
    • We offer full-service installation, allow you to recommend a contractor you trust, or even DIY if you prefer.
  • We create savings for you in unique ways
    • We don’t advertise. People hear about us from an organization they trust or via word of mouth – the money we don’t spend on advertising creates savings for you.
    • We do everything remotely – we don’t have salespeople who earn commissions, we have guides who want to help you understand solar. The money we save by not having people drive around and knock on doors or do unnecessary in-home visits means savings for you.
    • We don’t mark up solar equipment or labor. You pay what we pay, and we show you the receipts. If the job ends up costing less than we project, we give you a rebate for the difference.
    • We offer zero-down financing with no origination fees or early pay-off penalties.
  • We support local communities
    • Whether it’s raising funds for local organizations, creating great jobs for local contractors and workers, or building regenerative centers – every part of our process is designed to align with our mission: To add as much value as possible to as many lives as possible.