Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's for Organizations and Causes

Any organization or cause who has members/supporters own a single family home or full building in one of our active service areas.

We’d love to contribute to apartment and condo owners, but due to their lack of ability to make decisions about their roofs, we are unable to do so at this time while keeping the service available for homeowners. 

Anyone is welcome to attend and contribute to the solar conversation regardless of homeowner status.

Instead of spending money on advertising via expensive channels, we  give those funds directly to organizations adding value to their communities. 

Partnering with organizations and causes is our only form of marketing aside from word of mouth.

This creates savings which we then pass along to homeowners who transition to solar energy using our service.

Sometimes organizations, individuals, foundations, and mission-aligned corporations sponsor the experience, and are recognized during our live streamed Intro to Solar webinars.

The United States of America.

We have a growing number of organizations who would like to use our service.  Sometimes we can begin a campaign immediately after connecting with you while other times, wait times may be 1-2 months.

The first connection will be via a webinar held by an Ovanova team member.   This will be recorded and shared on Youtube so you can see who was there.

Your supporters who choose to continue exploring solar after the initial group event will be assigned a dedicated teammate to answer questions and help them understand their options – all online or over the phone. 

Homeowners of single family dwellings and full buildings.

Attendance is taken at the beginning of each workshop and funds are sent weekly.

We can send funds electronically or via check.


Yes.  We are happy to connect with any homeowner who would like to explore solar, but our fundraising service is by invitation only. This allows us to give more to the organizations who are most excited about spreading solar in their communities.

Visit our Homepage and click “Organizations.”

“We raised over $8000 for our band…This is the Easiest Fundraiser we’ve ever done…Nobody had to buy or sell anything…Thank you for being so easy  to work with and for your commitment to supporting your community.” – A.C. Reynolds High School Band.

“This is a good thing you’re doing, you guys are definitely going to go to  Heaven.” – Barbara G.

Thanks Ovanova for “We just signed the paperwork to get 120% of our energy from solar panels. We had been interested in looking into solar for a while but weren’t really satisfied with the options. Then we heard about Ovanova through a friend. Not only did they make a donation  to a worth cause just because I was willing to learn, they also patiently worked with me for six months to make sure I had the design, equipment, pricing, and financing options that were best for me. It turned out to be an awesome deal. If you’ve ever been interested in looking into solar, Ovanova is a friendly way to learn and to save yourself thousands of dollars if you go solar. And the process is all done on the phone and online to make it convenient for you.” – S. Ogburn

“It was great to have such an easy way to create a  donation for something I care about, but they are way too idealistic and get way too excited about solar on their webinars for my taste.” – Probably someone

FAQ's For Home, Property & Business Owners


We Give First. Like the Sun.

If you register, are confirmed as the property owner, and show up on time for the workshop with your camera on and not on a mobile device, the donation will be given.

We designed the Intro to Solar workshop to be beneficial to all the folks who attend and hope you enjoy it enough to continue your solar exploration journey with us.

Ovanova works with all equipment manufacturers so you can get what you want.

Ovanova is continually developing a network of installers across the U.S.  Everyone in our network possesses the skills and licenses needed to legally, safely, and professionally install and activate your system.  

Alternatively, if you would like to recommend a contractor you trust or would like to DIY, those options are available. 

Every home and property is different, and this is one of the reasons we started our program – to make it easy and transparent. We create a free, custom solar design for you and walk through it together.

Variables that can affect cost:

  1. How much electricity do you use?
  2. Which directions does your home face?
  3. Where do you live?
  4. What type of equipment would you like to use?
  5. What kind of roof do you have?

This varies from location to location.  

Between 3 weeks to 6 months depending on where you live, the requirements of your local jurisdiction, and the utility company. The installation itself takes 1 to 4 days depending on the size of your system.

Ovanova understands you want your solar activated as soon as possible and we do everything in our power to make that happen. 

“Radically Transparent Pricing” was too many syllables, so we decided to call it “Open Book” instead.

In order to fully understand your options, it’s helpful to know how an installation is priced.  From the price of the panels, components, labor – and even how much we earn – we show you everything. This way, you can make the best choice for you.




When you explore transitioning to solar with us, we’ll create a free, custom design for you.

Then we’ll not only show you the price, we’ll also show you where every dime goes–including how much we earn.

When your installation is complete, we’ll show you the invoices for the equipment and give you a rebate if the actual cost ends up being less than the price we projected.

Important Note:

The most expensive part of going solar is waiting because each monthly electricity bill you pay is money that could have gone towards owning your solar equipment.

Perhaps the most important thing people seem to miss about going solar is that it isn’t an additional purchase decision; it’s a bill swap.    

The savings from not paying the electricity company for the energy you can produce yourself become your solar payment for your solar financing or your payment to yourself if you paid cash for your system.  Your money comes back, but after your equipment is paid off or you’ve paid yourself back, your electricity bill doesn’t.