Frequently Asked Questions

“Wonderful company. They do what they say. Our school Westchester Secondary Charter School has already received the benefits both financially and product-wise. One of our board members is thrilled by their new solar panels. Thank you Ovanova.” – Judith F., Westchester Secondary Charter School, CA

“Thanks Ovanova for making this such a painless process. I learned a lot about solar energy production and the subsidies that my state offers for converting to solar. In the end, the benefits did not necessarily outweigh the costs in my particular state, but never once did I have a sales person try to pressure me and sell me on it. It was purely educational. Glad I took the time to learn about solar with Ovanova.” – M. Skalka, NC test user.

“Using Ovanova to raise money for our organization has been a refreshing experience. It was easy for me to get information on going solar without the stress. Instead of dealing with pushy salesman trying to close a deal, I was contacted by a customer service agent who collected information one time and supplied me with three proposals I could compare and choose from. This made me feel more in control while saving me time and hassle. I know I will get the best installation because of their contractor vetting process and I know I will get the best quotes out there because of the bidding process the contractors do to get my business. Maria, the customer service agent, was polite, treated me with respect, made sure I knew what to expect, and made sure all my questions were answered without trying to sway my decision. She also emailed me a few times after our initial call to update me and to be sure I knew what was happening with the process. I will definitely recommend this service. The bonus is that no matter what I decide- to go solar or not with their service, my organization will benefit just from me finding out what solar might look like for me.”–Mark B., California

There is no money in Ovanova’s budget for marketing, advertising, or sales commissions.  Money that would otherwise go to these functions is instead donated to causes and organizations.

Any. The sun shines on all of us. We are radically inclusive, just like the sunlight.

If you have an organization of folks who trust you and would care to support your cause, we will create a campaign page for you. We don’t care if you are a Boy Scout Troop, a church group, book club, burning man camp, blog author, rock star, social media maven, a national non-profit, someone who wants to use raising solar awareness to raise money for an idea, business, or project, a community who wants to support a family going through a difficult time, or a group of buddies who want to use the money you raise to have a party for your fantasy football league. The sun shines on all of us.

One thing we won’t do is hide where the money goes. The campaign form will clearly state which organization, group, community or cause will be receiving the funds.

We serve communities in the places where people are losing money right now by continuing to use old-fashioned energy.

What about people who rent or live in different states?

Renters and people in the states not listed above cannot use the ‘explore solar, create a donation’ service. However, we recently partnered with CHOOOSE to allow us to serve renters and homeowners in all fifty states with a slightly different program.

When a supporter chooses to remove their carbon footprint by supporting renewable energy development for a month at no cost to them, the community organization will receive $5.

We’re lucky to have some very talented, heart-centered, brilliant friends who were willing to create a non-profit supporter understanding network (they call it “OSUN”–the Ovanova Supporter Understanding Network). Every supporter who uses Ovanova to explore solar energy will be connecting directly to one of the OSUN educators, or someone they have trained directly.

Ultimately, Ovanova accepts responsibility for any connection we create, and if your experience is anything less than awesome, please let us know what we can do to improve.

People who own a home, building or property.

Your organization will receive a donation within minutes of a supporter receiving a call from one of the folks in the Ovanova Supporter Understanding Network.


We operate a secure site platform, share your supporters’ information with only one solar education partner, and all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is anonymized before being shared with the solar installation network. This information is never resold by us or our partners, by contractual agreement before we accept them into our network.

All installers are pre-screened local and regional installers (the kind who are licensed, bonded, insured, highly rated and professional).


If you have a corporate partner who does matching funds, ask them about it. We are creating a “multiplier” option, for foundations and mission-aligned who’d like to support certain campaigns by doubling or tripling the standard donation.

We will provide this information upon request, we expect to have the technology to provide this instantly within eight weeks.

Visit our homepage and follow the links. We’ll create a custom campaign for you and be in touch with some tools to help you spread the word.