Frequently Asked Questions

For homeowners, we’re available in fifty States in the United States of America plus Puerto Rico, and anywhere else we’re invited which has the ability to support  procurement of equipment, financing and installation.


“Wonderful company. They do what they say. Our school Westchester Secondary Charter School has already received the benefits both financially and product-wise. One of our board members is thrilled by their new solar panels. Thank you Ovanova.” – Judith F., Westchester Secondary Charter School, CA

“Thanks Ovanova for making this such a painless process. I learned a lot about solar energy production and the subsidies that my state offers for converting to solar…Never once did I have a sales person try to pressure me and sell me on it. It was purely educational. Glad I took the time to learn about solar with Ovanova.” – M. Skalka, NC test user.

All of the money  ultimately comes from the homeowners who use our service to transition to solar through one of the partners in our solar education network.  At the beginning, the money comes from investors and donors who believe in giving first. 

Any. The sun shines on all of us. We are radically inclusive, just like the sunlight.

If you have an organization of folks who trust you and would care to support your cause, we will create a campaign page for you. We don’t care if you are a Boy Scout Troop, a church group, book club, burning man camp, blog author, rock star, social media maven, a national non-profit, someone who wants to use raising solar awareness to raise funds for an idea, business, or project, a community who wants to support a family going through a difficult time, or a group of buddies who want to use the money you raise to have a party for your fantasy football league. The sun shines on all of us.

One thing we won’t do is hide where the money goes. The campaign form will clearly state which organization, group, community or cause will be receiving the funds.

We’re lucky to have some very talented, heart-centered, brilliant friends who were willing to create an awesome solar education  experience with us.

 Every supporter who uses Ovanova to explore solar energy will be connecting directly  to a personal friend of ours or someone trained by them. We are a completely virtual organization  so our educators can live where they choose. 

Ultimately, Ovanova accepts responsibility for any connection we create, and if your experience is anything less than awesome, please let us know what we can do to improve.

People who own a home, building or property.

Your organization will receive a donation within minutes of a supporter receiving a call from one of the folks in the Ovanova Supporter Understanding Network.


All installers are pre-screened local and regional installers (the kind who are licensed, bonded, insured, highly rated and professional). They  pick up after themselves and correct any mistakes.


Upon activating your campaign and  receiving information about the campaign contact at your organization, we’ll create a personal login where you can monitor progress in near-real time.

Go to the homepage. If you’re a homeowner, click “start raising funds”; if you’re an organization click “register an organization.”  We’ll let you know when your campaign is ready. Thank you for your patience as we grow together.

No. But if you find a better price, please let us know where you found it so we can learn from them and create better values for every supporter of each organization we’re lucky enough to serve.

We don’t mark up our equipment. The folks who transition to solar with us after their education call pay what we pay for equipment.    We pay our installers above industry rates because  we believe in supporting the folks in local communities who are actually doing the work. We currently earn a $300 service fee per kilowatt (measurement of system size)  installed when an organization’s supporter we educate chooses to transition to solar  .

The money we earn goes to make donations to other organizations who wish to use our service, support the Ovanova team willing to connect with and educate supporters, develop our technology in ways which increase simplicity, automation, and transparency, and half our net profit goes to support the development  of resilient, regenerative communities of creators.