Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions groups ask who are considering partnering with us to raise funds for them.

“We raised over $8000 for our band…This is the Easiest Fundraiser we’ve ever done…Nobody had to buy or sell anything…Thank you for being so easy  to work with and for your commitment to supporting your community.”–A.C. Reynolds High School Band. 

“This is a good thing you’re doing, you guys are definitely going to go to  Heaven.”–Barbara G. 

 Thanks Ovanova for “We just signed the paperwork to get 120% of our energy from solar panels. We had been interested in looking into solar for a while but weren’t really satisfied with the options. Then we heard about Ovanova through a friend. Not only did they make a donation  to a worth cause just because I was willing to learn, they also patiently worked with me for six months to make sure I had the design, equipment, pricing, and financing options that were best for me. It turned out to be an awesome deal. If you’ve ever been interested in looking into solar, Ovanova is a friendly way to learn and to save yourself thousands of dollars if you go solar. And the process is all done on the phone and online to make it convenient for you.”–S. Ogburn

“It was great to have such an easy way to create a  donation for something I care about, but those guys are way too idealistic and get way too excited about solar on their webinars for my taste.”–Probably some people.

Any organization or cause who has members and supporters who own a single family home or full building in one of our active service areas.

We’d love to contribute to apartment and condo  owners, but due to their lack of ability to make decisions about their roofs, we are unable to do so at this time while  keeping the service available for homeowners. 

Anyone is welcome to attend and contribute to the solar conversation regardless of homeowner status.

Instead of using marketing dollars to connect with people  willing to explore solar via expensive channels owned by large corporations, we  give those funds directly to organizations adding value to their communities. 

Partnering with organizations and causes is our only form of marketing besides word of mouth.

This creates savings which we then pass along to the folks who choose to transition to solar after exploring with us.

Sometimes organizations, individuals, foundations, and mission-aligned corporations sponsor the experience, and will be recognized when they do.

We can create campaigns  with organizations  whose primary supporter base is located in an area where their utility company has net-metering (or similar agreements) available for residential solar energy producers.

Supporters who support organizations living outside of these areas can still use our service if invited by a friend or relative, but it will take longer in those places to fulfill the requests of people who choose to transition to solar after exploring.

We hold webinars on Mondays for folks who think they’d like to use our service to raise funds for their organization.

Ovanova is a currently a small team of dedicated people.    We will activate your campaign as soon as we have the  necessary human and capital resources to provide an excellent solar exploration and transition  experience for your supporters which honors the relationship you’ve built with them.

The first connection will be via a webinar held by an Ovanova team member.   This will be recorded and shared on Youtube so you can see who was there.

Your supporters who choose to continue exploring solar after the initial group event will be given a  dedicated teammate to answer questions and move their project forward. 

For those who choose to use our service to go solar, they will continue to have access to their guide, and will also be in touch with  folks on the fulfillment team.

Homeowners of single family dwellings and full buildings  who live in one of our active service areas .

Attendance is taken at the beginning of the webinar  and funds will be  sent once attendance is measured.

We give first.   

 There is no purchased required; all we ask is that you show up on time in order to be courteous of other folks’ time and that you bring your curiosity. 

We can send the funds electronically or via check.


You’ll receive the money in the account you choose in near-real-time, and we can send you a recording of the webinar  and and a  list of attendees upon request.

Visit our Homepage and click “Register an Organization” and then sign up for one of our Monday webinars where we meet with new organizations who wish to use our service or be invited directly by  one of our professional fundraising partners.

Below are the questions  supporters of organizations  regularly want to know before using our service. 


We Give First. Like the Sun.

You don’t even have to stay for the webinar if you’re there against your will. If you  register, are confirmed as the property owner, and show up on time for the webinar with your camera on, the donation will be given.

We designed the Ovanova Fundraising and Solar Exploration Experience to be beneficial to all the  folks who attend and hope you enjoy it enough to continue your solar exploration journey with us.

This is up to you. 

There is no set amount of time “required” to stay on in order to receive the donation.

Because we believe solar is wonderful, feel more people would be using it if they understood the benefits, and realize this may be our only chance to connect with you, there are a few things we really like to help folks  understand on the initial webinar, and those things  seem to take about thirty minutes to convey well.

We will invest all the time you need to answer any questions you have at the end of the webinar or in our “Show Me” Workshops you can  choose to schedule after the webinar if you’d like.

There is no type of equipment we can’t source and have installed for you that actually exists.  

We often find folks who are already connected to supporters in your network to do the installation work. We check licenses and insurances and provide everything needed, including equipment and engineered designs and stamps a local electric and roofing contractor  need to complete your job safely and according to specifications.

We also have professional networks of contractors  we use in cases where there is no contractor your community prefers to use.  All are properly licensed and insured.

Every home and property is different, and this is one of the reasons we started our program–to make it easy to find out exactly what that number is for the folks who are curious.  We create a free, personal solar design for anyone who requests one after they explore with us.

These are the variables which determine the cost:

1. How much electricity do you use?  

The more electricity you use, the more panels you’ll need.  More panels means more  cost simply because you need to make more electricity, which is what solar panels do.

2. Which direction does your home, or the place you’ll install your solar equipment, face? 

Southern exposure equals more sunlight. 

More sunlight equals  fewer panels required to make the electricity you need. Fewer panels equals less cost.  

3. Where do you live?

Where you live affects the cost of going solar for four main reasons.  

The first is that some places get more or less sunlight over the course of a year;  and some places have more trees that will need to be trimmed. 

The second is that labor to install and connect your equipment costs more in Los Angeles or Boston than in Greensboro or Tampa. 

The third is that  the cost of  government permits vary from place to place.  

And the fourth reason location matters is based on the agreements with utility companies in your area.   If you live  in a  place with net metering agreements, going solar is simple; if you don’t, you’ll need batteries which add to the cost of the equipment and installation, but are pretty cool to have when the power goes out.

4.   What type of equipment would you like to use?

We believe the best solar equipment is the equipment which makes the most electricity at the lowest price over the lifetime warranty of the equipment. 

 Some people believe the best solar equipment is a particular brand they’ve read about online which may be more expensive.  

Ultimately, that choice is yours, but it does affect the price. 

And in some cases folks may need a utility panel upgrade which adds to the price as well. 

5.  What kind of roof do you have?

There are many types of roofs. 

Some are steep and require special equipment to keep the installers safe. 

Some have  many facets and require more planning to protect the roof integrity and aesthetics. 

Some  are made from metal and require special mounting brackets.

Some people use a ground-mounted  system to install their solar instead of their roof. And the list goes on and on. 

We work with local installers because they know what it will take to do excellent work whatever your situation may be.

One last thing to consider

Perhaps the most important thing people seem to miss about going solar is that it isn’t an additional purchase decision; it’s a bill swap.  

Unless you become Amish, you’re going to keep paying for electricity. When you can make your own electricity, you don’t pay the electric company to make it for you.  

The savings from not paying the electricity company for the energy you can produce yourself  become your solar payment for your solar financing or your payment to yourself if you paid cash for your system.  Your money comes back, but after your equipment is paid off or you’ve paid yourself back, your electricity bill doesn’t. 

The most expensive part of going solar is waiting because each monthly electricity bill you pay is money that could have gone towards owning your solar equipment-

This varies from location to location.  

When the stars align, it can happen in under two weeks from the time you connect with us. 

Usually it takes a few months.

One factor is the availability of an installer who does quality work. 

The biggest factors which delay installation are homeowner procrastination in completing documents, HOA approval, and local government permitting policies.  

“Radically Transparent Pricing” was too many syllables, so we decided to call it “Open Book” instead.

When you explore transitioning to solar with us, we’ll create a free, custom design for you.

Then we’ll not only show you the price, we’ll also show you where every dime goes–including how much we earn.

When your installation is complete, we’ll show you the invoices for the equipment and give you a rebate if the actual cost ends up being less than the price we projected.


We’d be grateful to guide your solar transition process. 

At the end of your webinar, we’ll invite you to book a time for a zoom call to continue your solar exploration process if you choose.