What is Ovanova?

Ovanova is a free service causes and organizations use to raise money, by increasing solar awareness within their communities of supporters.

We love connecting and creating, and energy makes that possible. The most abundant source of energy available to us is sunlight.    We at Ovanova created a free service that helps organizations and causes raise funds by raising solar energy awareness within their communities of supporters.

Your organization will receive a $50 donation each time a supporter participates in a fun and interactive fifteen minute phone call with a solar energy educator. It’s that simple. Our education calls take homeowners through the journey of how energy has traditionally been generated to the simple, clean and efficient energy of the future. Our initiative is to stand as a catalyst in the transition from a world fueled by fire to a society connected by light.

Our Mission Is To Add As Much Value As Possible, To As Many Lives As Possible.  



Love and sunshine, 


The Ovanova team